#43 - The Video Shop Awards 2015

Cal and Sam are joined by Bob and Matt to discuss the year gone by, 2015 and hand out awards. 

OK two things you need to know:


Cal can't be bothered writing down the hundreds of movies and TV shows discussed so if you've missed any movies and think it'll be a problem to hear other people talk about plot points just go home. This includes the show notes below.

2: It's long... like 2 hours long... Its good though!

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Show Notes:

Worst Dinosaur fight: wheezy waiter vs dinosaur.

Best Dinosaur Fight: Arnie V Arnie in Terminator Genisys

Worst Quote: "The Naming Scene" Fant4stic

Best Quote: "That's not how the force works" - Star Wars Episode 7

Worst Sequel: Fant4stic

Best Sequel: Star Wars

Worst Fight Scene: Ending Fight - Fant4stic

Best Fight Scene: Final Fight -

Turbo Kid

Most Disappointing

Moment: Doctor Who Season 9 Finale

Best use of a Musical Instrument: Sax-Gun

Mission Impossible

Worst Henchmen: Minions

Best Henchmen: Skull Rider - Turbo Kid

Worst Antagonist: Doom Fant4stic

Best Antagonist: Killgrave - Jessica Jones

Worst Secondary Character: Clara Oswald - Doctor Who

Best Secondary Character: Sisco - The Flash

Worst Protagonist: Kyle Reese - Terminator Genisys

Best Protagonist: Mark Watney - The Martian

Worst TV Show: Supernatural

Best TV Show: Daredevil

Worst Movie: Fant4stic

Best Movie: The Martian