#74 Comic Con 2019

Its a jam packed action filled episode, there's so much to cover we had to get Sam in to help out. That and he really wanted to talk about Star Trek.

But he was polite about it.

Cats https://youtu.be/FtSd844cI7U

Carnival row https://youtu.be/q9v7ehNXhnE

Harley Quinn Season 1 https://youtu.be/XhSj3PvDTfo

His Dark Materials HBO series https://youtu.be/1yuIE1OYnVI

IT chapter 2 https://youtu.be/HCLT_iQQ_38

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot https://youtu.be/xHvaWulHk5E

Rick and morty clip https://youtu.be/VlgZi1UHk_E

Snowpiercer https://youtu.be/7lFMpmwn_hQ from TBS

Steven Universe the movie https://youtu.be/fZsuug-3r_Q

Top Gun: Maverick https://youtu.be/qSqVVswa420

Watchmen HBO series https://youtu.be/1yKq1PRvPJQ

Witcher Netflix series https://youtu.be/cSqi-8kAMmM