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#10 - Soccer

Sam and Bass are joined by Lawrence for the final episode of VS Sports. They saved the biggest and best for last. Here is Soccer. More Anthology Radio productions are coming soon!

#09 - Hockey

Sam and Bass get their first call in guest, Breanne! They discuss Breanne's favourite sport Ice Hockey while Sam and Bass get confused by American things. 

#08 - Cricket

The VS Sports team forgot all about the segments this episode, that's what happens when you drink and podcast. This week Sam and Bass are once again joined by Lawrence and Jim to discuss Australia's all time favourite sport (probably) Cricket!

#07 - AFL

Sam and Bass disappear for 4 months and then come back with their longest episode yet! On this one they are joined by Geelong fan Lawrence and Richmond fan Jim to discuss one of Australia's most popular sports, Aussie Rules Football (better known as AFL).

#06 - Baseball

So it's a little late but we got there in the end. Sam and Bass discuss Baseball with special guest Annabelle. No she isn't American, so we don't really understand why she likes Baseball. Sam also doesn't like that Baseballs are called Baseballs and not Baseball Balls.

What is VS Sports?

Do you want an informative show that teaches you a wide range of sports knowledge? You may want to look elsewhere. Do you want a show about two guys pretending to know a wide range of sports? Look no further!