The Video Shop is a multimedia platform original created by Sam and Cal when they launched The Binge Watchers Podcast. However, Sam and Cal were forced to change the name of their podcast due to a copyright claim, and so they become The Video Shop Podcast instead. It’s a better name anyway.

That one podcast grew into six ongoing podcasts. While not all of them are still releasing episodes the teams behind them continue to create exciting content for The Video Shop, currently and in the future.

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The Video Shop Podcast

“About what you’re watching… maybe”

The first episode of The Video Shop Podcast was released on the 10th of March, 2015. It was initially an excuse for Sam and Cal to get together and talk about Doctor Who, however they just didn’t stop making episodes and in February of 2019 they hit their 200th episode.

Released: Every Monday

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Before the Movies

“Do they like them? Lets find out!”

Sam wanted to talk about trailers so he and Bob started Before the Movies, where they spoke about movie trailers every fortnight! However, when Sam started at Uni he could no longer keep up with two podcasts and so passed the reigns onto Cal. Bob’s still salty about that. But now the show has 100% less Sam and some call that a good thing.

Released: Whenever Bob feels like it

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Dice Hard

“Turning your favourite movies into board games”

Sam and Cal come up with the excellent idea of a podcast dedicated to turning movies into board games. So they got Sam’s prominent game designer friend Alex to host. He is regularly joined by a range of guests to turn your favourite movies into board games. With spectacular or terrible results.

Released: Monthly

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Behind the Mask:
The Unofficial Masked Singer Australia Podcast

Who is it? Who are you? Who am I?

Sam and Cal saw an ad at the cinema for The Masked Singer Australia and thought to themselves: yeah, we SHOULD do a podcast on that. So join Cal and Sam on a titillating mystery adventure as they uncover the truth about 12 celebrities* who can sorta sing.

*Celebrity status yet to be confirmed.



All good things come to an end… such as these podcasts which are no longer releasing episodes but will forever be in our hearts. That was gross.

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Game of Catch-Up

“Two guys finally catch up”

Sam and Matt were way behind the pack when it came to watching Game of Thrones. So instead of just watching it like normal people they decided to do it as a podcast. They successfully caught up before Season 7 and completed the podcast with the controversial Season 8.

Released: 19/06/16 - 23/05/18

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VS Sports

“Sports are good… or something”

Do you want an informative show that teaches you a wide range of sports knowledge? You may want to look elsewhere. Do you want a show about two guys pretending to know a wide range of sports? Look no further! Sam and Bass stumble their way through 10 sports, with some help from guests, before they called it a day on VS Sports.

Released: 19/01/17 - 06/12/17


Lobster TV

“A Seafood TV Dinner”

Every week Bob and Tom sit down to talk about the CW's Arrow-verse and anything else they've been watching. Sam appears on it once to talk about Doctor Who, that’s fun. The name Lobster stands for something, and it’s mentioned on one episode of a podcast. But it isn’t this one, it’s like an easter egg hunt. Good luck with that!

Released: 02/04/17 - 04/04/18